Thursday, 23 June 2011


This is not just any tweezers and this because there got a build up light on them.

This are also the best one I have got there can pluck hair so easy . the light also help to  see the hair.

There are slanted top and this is also help to pluck hair. There also very sturdy and you can get grip .

I had my one from home bargains for about 99p but you can also order one from

this is a US brand and i think you can not order one if you live out side of US. But you can keep your eyes open in discount stores such as home bargains.

These is the best tweezers you can ever get I love them .

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Monday, 6 June 2011

Review – Elegant - touch Rapid dry

    I bought this   product a few months back because I hate having to wait a long time to make sure that my nails stay mark free. At first I wasn’t to please because it left me with very oily looking nails, it was oily for about a   minute before I was able to get rid of the oils with a cotton bud. But I didn’t find this a big problem. The product comes in an aerosol can which is easy to spray on to the nails fuss free. You must keep the spray at least 10cm away from your nails to get the best result. The Nail varnish will be dry in a matter of seconds and then you can carry on with your day. This spray can be  used on all types of nail varnish .

This product is available at Superdrug RRP - £2.95

Twinalou <3

Saturday, 4 June 2011

glossy box

For so many months I being watching the Americans doing Birch box and I have being wanted to get one for so many months but in the UK we can’t get it. :(

So when I watch dolly bow bow do her  video I was so excited and I know from then I had to order one so that what I have done.

BUT yes this is a big but. I have to wait a another month before I can get mine but I will do a blog on it when it arrive and I am thinking of getting a camcorder  but I am not sure about it.  


Twinalou <3