Friday, 8 November 2013

Rimmel Wake me up foundation review

I am now testing many different foundation as you will realise in the next few post  searching for the perfect foundation for me at the moment . I had tried the wake me up concealer  and  loved it . I went out and bought the foundation to match . I like the foundation as it has a high coverage and reflects light and makes my skin have a dewy finish to it .This last all day when set with a powder and I have oily combination skin But on the other hand the colour is a bit to dark for me and it is the lightest shade there is(ivory 100) .  overall a good foundation and would recommend . It can be found at most drugstores and supermarkets and retails at £8.99

Thank you

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Yankee Candle Dupe

I love Yankee candle but because I live a long way from any Yankee shops I don’t really get much opportunities to buy them. One of my favourite is the vanilla cupcake.  It is very sweet smelling but I don’t like to burn it because I know it will be another month before I go to a town with a Yankee store.  But fear not I have found a good mach to the smell of the Yankee one. It from a brand star lytes and it called vanilla crème. I found this in the original factory shop for amazing value £5 for 18oz where the Yankee is 16.99 for a 14.5oz and 19.99 for a 22oz. as you can tell there is a huge gap in price. One down fall for the star lytes is that it dose burn twice as fast but  it still a steel for £5. I have not try any other fragrance from this brand  and this because in my local shop there is only a small selection and this is one of the down side that will effect me. 

Want to find a store near you ?

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Is it too early to start the Christmas shop?

There is 4 month and 24 days till the big day but are you starting to think about it or is it too early. In my opinion is never too early and this because of all the expense there is.

One of the way I save for Christmas is I put money towards  love2shop vouchers that is a big help for my every Christmas. There is many high street shop that you can use them including Argos, Iceland, Debenhams and more.
Another way is that you choose a specific piece of money and save them  in a money box or a pot through out the year. This could be 5p, 10p 20p , 50p, £1 or £2  . And I will bet you that you will be  surprise  how much you will save.
Another way you can do it is start to buy present months in advance.  This will spread the cost and it will not be as financially hard.  I have already started to buy  for some of my friends that on my list. I would advice you not to buy cartoon thing for kids months in advance because they tend to change often.

Twinalou (sian)

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Save your Dying Nail Varnish

Do you just hate it when you love a nail varnish but once you gone through  about half a bottle it start to get a little tacky.  Well this is a little tip for you to get those tacky nail varnishes back to life.


Step 1- add a couple drops of nail varnish remover

Step 2 – close it and give it a shake.


This simple 2 steps can save your nail varnish and also some money.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Rimmel london apocalips review

The new release of the Rimmel apocolips has taken the beauty bloggers by storm . As many others i couldn’t wait to get my hands on some. Unfortunately I only managed to pick up one shade which is big bang , This is a bright red shade that is very easy to apply .   I has the pigmentation of a lipstick but a lightweight feel of a lip gloss . The staying power is amazing as it last up to four hours . I went for a tea and a chat with a friend and didn’t have to reapply once !  I am impressed with the application and the lasting power . These retails at £5.99 in your local superdrug and i think it worth every penny  !

Thank you

Twinalu (ffion)