Saturday, 30 January 2016

essie quick- e

Fed up of  waiting forever  for your nails to dry ? Never have the time ? Always end up with smudges ? Yes this was me before i found this miracle product . This makes my nails dry in under a minute and it's a godsend when  I'm doing my nails in a hurry . This comes with a little pipet and all you need to do is have one or two drops of the solution on each nail  after you paint them. As if by magic my nails is dry almost instantly . Only down side to it is that it does leave an oily residue but what i do is massage the leftover oil into my cuticles and i find this works well . The days of hating doing my nails are  well and truly over .
you can find yours at your local boots or online at £8.99 :-

Monday, 25 January 2016

mac strobe cream

This is hands down the best product that i have tried from mac . I  was first  bought it last year . I bought the travel size to try it out . Since then i have gone  and bought the full size version .This is a white cream that has somewhat of a pearl finish . This is a very useful product and can be used in many different ways .
First way is as a primer  this is very moisturizing cream . It works well as a primer  and it makes sure that your foundation glides over any dry patches . I wouldn't say that it prolongs the wear of the foundation  but with a powder it last all day  . 
Another way i use this product is to mix it in with my foundation . I use it with any foundation i use and the  result are always amazing . After i mix it in the foundation i feel that applying the foundation is a whole load better . It makes blending in so easy it is unbelievable . This also  gives my skin a nice luminous finish .
This can be bought in all mac stores and retails at £24.50  for 50ml