Thursday, 24 October 2013

Yankee Candle Dupe

I love Yankee candle but because I live a long way from any Yankee shops I don’t really get much opportunities to buy them. One of my favourite is the vanilla cupcake.  It is very sweet smelling but I don’t like to burn it because I know it will be another month before I go to a town with a Yankee store.  But fear not I have found a good mach to the smell of the Yankee one. It from a brand star lytes and it called vanilla crème. I found this in the original factory shop for amazing value £5 for 18oz where the Yankee is 16.99 for a 14.5oz and 19.99 for a 22oz. as you can tell there is a huge gap in price. One down fall for the star lytes is that it dose burn twice as fast but  it still a steel for £5. I have not try any other fragrance from this brand  and this because in my local shop there is only a small selection and this is one of the down side that will effect me. 

Want to find a store near you ?