Tuesday, 18 November 2014

urban decay primer potion

Since  trying the shadow insurance and loving it I was exited to try other brands of eye shadow primers . One of these was  the primer potion . I had heard so much good things about it that it was the top of the list when going out to buy some more . It didn't disappoint ! I apply such a small amount yet it makes my shadows last so much longer without any creasing at all . When applying the shadow I feel like the shadow sticks and looks amazing .  The original formula has no colour at all but there is a sin version that I'm yet to try .Would defiantly recommend you using this if you  want  your shadow to last as long as you do this festive season

you can buy yours from

Sunday, 16 November 2014

REN - Glycolactic radiance renewal mask

Recently I have been enjoining using masks . Most of our masks are clarifying but this is different . It gives my skin a new lease of life and my complexion is much brighter .  Its a honey like texture  and its  easy to massage into the skin . It recommends that you leave it on for 10 minutes but the mask lasted at least 20 minute for me  . I removed the mask using the muslin cloth that provided and instantly I could notice a difference . My skin was radiant and glowing and I felt like it was so soft . I haven't tried a mask of this sort before so I cant compere but  I am exited to try a similar one soon

get yours from  space nk for £30 - http://uk.spacenk.com/glycolactic-radiance-renewal-mask/MUK200001886.html?start=19&cgid=Ren

Friday, 14 November 2014

MAC blot powder

 I have tried many drugstore pressed powders and I always search for that matte finish. I have struggled to find the perfect powder and have always made do with what I've got .Some powders didn't control any oils , match colours while others made my base look cakey and that wasn't what I wanted in a powder and I don't think most of you want these type ether .

 On a whim in the mac counter a bought this thinking it will do the job and wasn't expecting much of it . But boy was I wrong this is the best powder ever the colour light matches my complexion perfectly . The powder kept me matte all day and I didn't feel cakey . This is truly amazing and I would defiantly recommend everyone to try one for their self  its fantastic .
 you can buy yours at the MAC site or at any MAC counter  - http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/products/spp/shaded.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CAT159&PRODUCT_ID=PROD301

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Origins drink up intensve overnight mask

Recently I feel that my skin is dehydrated and I want to add some moisture back into my skin . I am loving face masks and when I was passing an origins counter and saw this I had to have it ! I  have tried it for  two weeks now and I feel the difference .  The consistency  of this mask is like a thick moisturiser  and  I was worried  it would be too much but I felt it soaked into the skin quickly  and just left some tackiness but it was bearable to sleep with .  In the morning my skin felt great . It was soft and  it felt moisturized . Although it recommends you using this twice a week I only use it once and I feel it does the trick .

Get yours from the origins site  : - http://www.origins.co.uk/product/3857/11647/Skincare/Category/Masks/Drink-Up-Intensive/Overnight-mask-to-quench-skins-thirst/index.tmpl

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

makeup forever smokey lash

After hearing so much about this mascara I felt like I had to try it . Its a high end mascara and it retails for £18.50 . I had high hopes for it an so far it hasn't disappointed . I have been using the mascara frequently over the past month or so . At first the formula was wet and I didn't feel like it was doing much for my lashes but I feel after a week of using it and trying to make it work the formula  dried up a bit and the mascara was amazing . I feel like it gave me a lot of volume and it held the curl nicely . I personally didn't see major lengthening in it but I have rather long lashes to begin with .

you can buy yours from Guru Makeup Emporium that is based in the UK


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

too faced shadow insurance

Eye shadow is always the first to disappear from my makeup . I notice that  there is creasing within few hours and the majority of the look has all gone by lunchtime . I was on the hunt for something to stop this as eye shadow is something I enjoy experimenting  with and I take time to apply . when I was in boots this caught my eye I was keen to try it and was exited to see the different that it could do . I have been trailing this for over a week now and I feel like now I can give you my opinion . I  use a tiny amount and do one  eye at the time to make sure that the eye shadow sticks to the primer  . I would say that I haven't experienced creasing and fading within the first six hours  .After that I could see a slight creasing but wasn't  noticeable as such .  I am so pleased to have found this because it make me happy to know that my eye shadow will last much longer that  it used to .

Get yours :- http://www.asos.com/too-faced-cosmetics/too-faced-shadow-insurance-anti-crease-eye-shadow-primer/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=284874&clr=Shadowinsurance&SearchQuery=Too+Faced

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

makeup forever HD primer

When I was in Imats last month I was so exited to try out some of the makeup forever products . This was one thing that I wasn't thinking of purchasing but  it landed in my basket (wps!) . I don't know about anyone else but I feel like the smell on this is very strong and  it reminds me a lot  of  mr sheen polish . I personally don't mind this but it could be an issue with some of you .You only need one pump for your face and it glides on  perfectly . It feels silky and smooth . After applying I feel like my base has a radiant glow and this is lovely as a base .As of yet I haven't noticed that  my foundation last any longer when I am using it but it does make my foundation look a lot better . This has converted me to use primers and I am happy with this .
The rrp for this is £26.95 which is a bit pricy but I feel like it's worth it :D

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Nuxe Reve de miel lip balm

I found this gem while I was in space nk , since I'm always on the hunt for a miracle lip balm that will banish dry lips . I think I have found the one . This is a very thick  balm that has no stickiness whatsoever .The smell is very pleasant and sweet .  I apply a generous layer on before bed every night and my lips is flake free and soft as ever :D This is also good as a base under lipsticks  all I do is put a thinner layer and my lipsticks glides on .  well worth the money and I will be defiantly  buying again and again  as it is the best I've tried . 

Get yours  online at the Nuxe site

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

makeup forever face and body foundation

Recently I have been  using lighter foundation . I feel like n the summer having a lighter foundation is great because it doesn't feel like your wearing any at all . I have been loving the makeup forever face and body foundation . The coverage is light when applying with a brush I use the crown  super foundation brush .  If you want to have  medium coverage I recommend that you use your fingers . This foundation is water based and therefore is not drying on the skin . The finish of it is very dewy and I love this . I have the shade 5 and its a perfect match .  Although its dewy it last all day even on my oilier patches .This is my summer foundation of choice at this moment and I will be purchasing another after this is  done with for sure .
You can purchase this foundation from guru makeup emporium  and it retails for £29.95


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Benefit they're real push - up liner + a drugstore dupe

I have been looking forward for the benefit release  for a while . Mainly because I am hopeless when it comes to eyeliner application . This claims to be a lash hugging liner and I do feel that it comes up to its expectations . The application is close to the lashes and its easy  to apply .I think that this is because of the nip .This nip also makes making winged liner so easy . I have been struggling with winged liner  forever every time I cant go out of the house because it looks dodgy but with this I am able to have a perfect wing that I'm happy with .  Its the blackest black and it's last a very long time .The RRP of this liner is £18.50


There is also a dupe for this liner by Maybelline . The liner is the lasting drama one and I comes in black  the application of this eyeliner is near enough identical to the benefit one . I would say that this  one is slightly thinner line . The biggest difference between both liners is that the Maybelline one doesn't have the same staying power . The price of this one is £8.99 but on a moment it on offer in Superdrug for £6.99 .


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Glamglow Youthmud

I have been  loving face masks recently .I have heard so much about Glamglow . I was in London recently and I decided to splurge out and finally buy it . I bought the 15ml jar which is tiny and costs  £25 but I have used it twice and there is half of it left . There is also a 50ml jar and that retails at £50

When you first apply you will notice leafs in the mask that is the green  tea leaf and it realising its goodness into the mask  . It has a very fresh scent  and its pleasant .  The tingling sensation it gives in the first 5 minute or so isn't  too much but you do notice it . I kept  it on for 15 minutes and by this time the mask had dried completely .

 I used warm water and a muslin cloth to remove the mask in circular motions and I felt this very exfoliating.  The first thing I notice after removal was how soft my skin felt . My skin was glowing and soft and  my large pores around my nose was notable smaller . This was truly a miracle mask . I am so pleased with it that I am  going to buy the full size now before this one runs out . Truly  worth the price tag .

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nail Miracle Cure - Sally Hansen

At Christmas I had a  gel nail varnish done professional . I loved them but when it was time to take them off I decided to do them at home using acetone formula nail varnish remover at first I put them in a pot of nail varnish remover for about 10 minutes each but only the glitter would come off so I had to do the process again and  use a nail file to get rid of the black  that was the base of my Christmas nails.

After a lot of harsh treatment my nails was left in bad condition they were peeling a lot  and  chipping  easily . Not what I want because all my life I been blessed with strong nails I started to panic that I had ruined my nails forever. I then  started a rutine using hardners  this did  improve a little on the condition of my nails but did nothing to the peeleing. And this were this little gem came in.

I loved sally Hansen nailvarnishes for a long time but never used there treatment but this one has made one happy girl . I use it under my nail polish every 2 days for the first week  but then I started to slack a little so I was so surprise to se in a couple of weeks my nails was strong and the peeling stopped completely.  Best  £9.99  that I have ever spend. It was truly a miracle !

you can pick it up at boots  and earn point at the same time or even use up those point you got http://www.boots.com/en/Sally-Hansen-Miracle-Cure_45924/

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Schwarzkopf - got2b

This schwarzkof got2b range has been out some time by now  . They have added some new products to their line and I have rediscovered the items of their range I had all ready in my stash of products .
The first product that I am going to mention is the  got2b guardian angel heat protection . This is a heat protection especially designed for blow drying and straitening your hair . I feel that many heat protection that  I have tried in the past comes out of the spray in one squirt as with this it a light mist . It smells amazing too .

The second product  from the got2b range is beach matt texturizing salt spray . This also smells diving and have the same light mist spray as the guardian angel .It is amazing product if like me you have curly hair that needs some definition and less frizz . This spray does the job perfectly my curls are defined and it is also good for your hair that you aren't using heat to create this look.

The got2b oil-licious is an amazing product as well . It has argan oil in it and it makes my hair have a natural shine to it . I like to use this product when my hair is slightly damp . You can use this for daily use if you feel like you need it as it is such a light formula .

Thee last product from this range that I own is  beach matt matt paste . This is a product I don't use as much of . I use it when I need a sleek look . This makes sure that all the small flyways stays in place. Its also a product that smells amazing .All of theses products are available at Superdrug for £3.00 but its currently on offer for £1.98 :D

Monday, 5 May 2014


I have recently got back into painting my nails .  I work in a bakery and wearing bright nail varnish  isn't appropriate . But as it is bank holyday weekend I have two days off and I decided to go for this lovely dark navy shade .  Its by Deborah Lippmann and the colour is lady sings the blues .It has small blue glitter and larger chunks of silver glitter . This retails for £18 and can be found at lookfantastic site .
 Because I have been painting my nails more frequently I have also been using more acetone which isn't  kind to my nails . I have seen the effect of this as my nails get a little bit more fragile . To combat this I used hard rock nail strengthening base and top coat . I hope this helps with the issue I have . 

Find these nail varnishes at :- http://www.lookfantastic.com/deborah-lippmann-hard-rock-nail-strengthening-base-and-top-coat-15ml/10877297.html?utm_source=googleprod&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=gp_nailcare&affil=thggpsad&switchcurrency=GBP&gclid=CMjAnaDllL4CFccSwwodUFsA9A

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Estee Lauder- Double Wear Foundation

I have been hearing lot and lot about this foundation over the years that I have been watching YouTube videos so when I had some vouchers Christmas I knew what I wanted. In march of this year I bought it and I got the colour ivory nude that is a very close match to my skin but in my opinion a little bit too yellow. This isn't  noticeable with my powder on top .

To this exception this foundation is one of the best I have tried as yet . My skin type is normal combination . This is a medium to full coverage as it can be built up to the coverage you want . It is very long lasting even on my t zone where I tend to go a little oily from time to time  . So this is an ideal choice if I am about to have a long day at work .

I  use this with either my  fingers for a slightly lighter coverage or a real techniques expert face brush if I feel that I need that extra coverage . Both application is good and it doesn't cling to any patches that I might have .

It is one of the most expensive foundations that I have purchased so far and I would say that it is also the best and would recommend it to anyone . One thing that could be improved is that the bottle would have a pump as I put to much on sometimes .

£28.50 - 100ml available at Debenhams

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

clean and clear dual action moisturiser

I am fed up of  having to deal with spots breakouts . I have tried many products in the  past  to help get rid and prevent spots   but none of which I felt work as good as I wanted .   I was looking for a face moisturiser because I felt that I had some dry patches that my foundation clung to . When I was browsing the selection at my local super market the clean and clear moisturiser  took my fancy . Not only this would combat my dry skin  with out adding oils as it a oil free formula   I hoped that it would clear my skin .

I use this every  night and I feel that in the morning my skin is soft and free of any dry patches . If I have a problem area I would concentrate on having the cream on that spot . It helps reduce spots and it is a great  spot treatment .

At £3.49 you cant miss this beauty essential is widely available both in Superdrug and boots .

Monday, 28 April 2014

Heel Genius - Soap & Glory

It now coming to that time of the year again when you start wearing sandals and flip-flops and after the winter your feet  is not in the best condition. If this is the case for you this will be your life saver. It amazing.  I will put a thin layer all over and then put more on the dry cracked places like the heel and my big toe and put socks on and ill do this as i go to my bed. ill do this for about a week or two until my feet are nice and soft. Then i will do it once  a week then just to keep on top of things.

In my opinion it a bargain for £5.50  as it does a fantastic job.  You can buy this from boots and also from there online site.http://www.soapandglory.com/b 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Review: Pantene clarifying shampoo

This is my number one shampoo. I don’t buy it all the time because I do not want my hair to get use to it and also it hard to find in the supermarket/drugstores that I use every week.

I love this one because it leaves my hair feeling clean and soft. And I like using it if I have use dry shampoo ect in my hair. Some times I shampoo my hair twice to make sure all of the build up is gone .  Because this shampoo claims to get rid of a build up of the products that you use on your hair and does not leave any residue. In my opinion it does it job brilliant and this is why I have bought it several time and every time I buy it  I think why did I go for so long without it in my life.  If I feel that my hair need a deep clean I use this and then shampoo my hair again with a different shampoo.

The only down side is that I fell that it strip you hair of moisture but with the right conditioner it fine. I use tresemme moisture rich. This makes my hair feel lovely and light.

 You can get your for about £4.69 from boots but some times is on offer.


Thursday, 24 April 2014

Soap & Glory - Thick& Fast Mascara – Review

This mascara  is  a volume mascara and you can get hold of it on the soap & glory site or in most boots.  In my opinion is an OK mascara it does give the volume that it say it will but it a very dry formula.  One thing that is bad about it is the large brush  that make the application a little bit messy. You get a lot on the top lid while trying to apply to your eyelashes.  I also feel as it's a dry formula it can look a little bit clumpy.  I will not be getting it again on a hurry and this because for the price there are better one on the market.

It only come in black and it r.r.p is £10