Thursday, 14 August 2014

Origins drink up intensve overnight mask

Recently I feel that my skin is dehydrated and I want to add some moisture back into my skin . I am loving face masks and when I was passing an origins counter and saw this I had to have it ! I  have tried it for  two weeks now and I feel the difference .  The consistency  of this mask is like a thick moisturiser  and  I was worried  it would be too much but I felt it soaked into the skin quickly  and just left some tackiness but it was bearable to sleep with .  In the morning my skin felt great . It was soft and  it felt moisturized . Although it recommends you using this twice a week I only use it once and I feel it does the trick .

Get yours from the origins site  : -

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

makeup forever smokey lash

After hearing so much about this mascara I felt like I had to try it . Its a high end mascara and it retails for £18.50 . I had high hopes for it an so far it hasn't disappointed . I have been using the mascara frequently over the past month or so . At first the formula was wet and I didn't feel like it was doing much for my lashes but I feel after a week of using it and trying to make it work the formula  dried up a bit and the mascara was amazing . I feel like it gave me a lot of volume and it held the curl nicely . I personally didn't see major lengthening in it but I have rather long lashes to begin with .

you can buy yours from Guru Makeup Emporium that is based in the UK

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

too faced shadow insurance

Eye shadow is always the first to disappear from my makeup . I notice that  there is creasing within few hours and the majority of the look has all gone by lunchtime . I was on the hunt for something to stop this as eye shadow is something I enjoy experimenting  with and I take time to apply . when I was in boots this caught my eye I was keen to try it and was exited to see the different that it could do . I have been trailing this for over a week now and I feel like now I can give you my opinion . I  use a tiny amount and do one  eye at the time to make sure that the eye shadow sticks to the primer  . I would say that I haven't experienced creasing and fading within the first six hours  .After that I could see a slight creasing but wasn't  noticeable as such .  I am so pleased to have found this because it make me happy to know that my eye shadow will last much longer that  it used to .

Get yours :-

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

makeup forever HD primer

When I was in Imats last month I was so exited to try out some of the makeup forever products . This was one thing that I wasn't thinking of purchasing but  it landed in my basket (wps!) . I don't know about anyone else but I feel like the smell on this is very strong and  it reminds me a lot  of  mr sheen polish . I personally don't mind this but it could be an issue with some of you .You only need one pump for your face and it glides on  perfectly . It feels silky and smooth . After applying I feel like my base has a radiant glow and this is lovely as a base .As of yet I haven't noticed that  my foundation last any longer when I am using it but it does make my foundation look a lot better . This has converted me to use primers and I am happy with this .
The rrp for this is £26.95 which is a bit pricy but I feel like it's worth it :D