Wednesday, 30 April 2014

clean and clear dual action moisturiser

I am fed up of  having to deal with spots breakouts . I have tried many products in the  past  to help get rid and prevent spots   but none of which I felt work as good as I wanted .   I was looking for a face moisturiser because I felt that I had some dry patches that my foundation clung to . When I was browsing the selection at my local super market the clean and clear moisturiser  took my fancy . Not only this would combat my dry skin  with out adding oils as it a oil free formula   I hoped that it would clear my skin .

I use this every  night and I feel that in the morning my skin is soft and free of any dry patches . If I have a problem area I would concentrate on having the cream on that spot . It helps reduce spots and it is a great  spot treatment .

At £3.49 you cant miss this beauty essential is widely available both in Superdrug and boots .

Monday, 28 April 2014

Heel Genius - Soap & Glory

It now coming to that time of the year again when you start wearing sandals and flip-flops and after the winter your feet  is not in the best condition. If this is the case for you this will be your life saver. It amazing.  I will put a thin layer all over and then put more on the dry cracked places like the heel and my big toe and put socks on and ill do this as i go to my bed. ill do this for about a week or two until my feet are nice and soft. Then i will do it once  a week then just to keep on top of things.

In my opinion it a bargain for £5.50  as it does a fantastic job.  You can buy this from boots and also from there online site. 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Review: Pantene clarifying shampoo

This is my number one shampoo. I don’t buy it all the time because I do not want my hair to get use to it and also it hard to find in the supermarket/drugstores that I use every week.

I love this one because it leaves my hair feeling clean and soft. And I like using it if I have use dry shampoo ect in my hair. Some times I shampoo my hair twice to make sure all of the build up is gone .  Because this shampoo claims to get rid of a build up of the products that you use on your hair and does not leave any residue. In my opinion it does it job brilliant and this is why I have bought it several time and every time I buy it  I think why did I go for so long without it in my life.  If I feel that my hair need a deep clean I use this and then shampoo my hair again with a different shampoo.

The only down side is that I fell that it strip you hair of moisture but with the right conditioner it fine. I use tresemme moisture rich. This makes my hair feel lovely and light.

 You can get your for about £4.69 from boots but some times is on offer.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Soap & Glory - Thick& Fast Mascara – Review

This mascara  is  a volume mascara and you can get hold of it on the soap & glory site or in most boots.  In my opinion is an OK mascara it does give the volume that it say it will but it a very dry formula.  One thing that is bad about it is the large brush  that make the application a little bit messy. You get a lot on the top lid while trying to apply to your eyelashes.  I also feel as it's a dry formula it can look a little bit clumpy.  I will not be getting it again on a hurry and this because for the price there are better one on the market.

It only come in black and it r.r.p is £10