Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bourjois Paris – volume fast & perfect Mascara Review

Bourjois Paris – volume fast & perfect  Mascara Review  (51 starting black ) - £11.49 Superdrug

          I went on a shopping trip to Chester last week  and  I went a little bit overboard at  Superdrug L  .  When I saw this mascara I was amazed . I have seen mascara’s that vibrates before hand but one that rotate  was  a new thing for me to see , or maybe i have been going round the drugstores with my eyes shut .
          This mascara has a  switch that  gives you the choice which way you would like it to rotate  . I think this is a brilliant idea because you can have lots of volume in your lashes by just one stroke of the brush . I  hate that some mascaras that you have to go over your lashes several time to get the volume you want .
          The only negative thing i can say about this Mascara is that it takes some getting used to . The first time i used it  got stuck for a little while and this was a little painful . But after one use  I haven’t had any trouble .

Twinalou xx

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