Wednesday, 30 April 2014

clean and clear dual action moisturiser

I am fed up of  having to deal with spots breakouts . I have tried many products in the  past  to help get rid and prevent spots   but none of which I felt work as good as I wanted .   I was looking for a face moisturiser because I felt that I had some dry patches that my foundation clung to . When I was browsing the selection at my local super market the clean and clear moisturiser  took my fancy . Not only this would combat my dry skin  with out adding oils as it a oil free formula   I hoped that it would clear my skin .

I use this every  night and I feel that in the morning my skin is soft and free of any dry patches . If I have a problem area I would concentrate on having the cream on that spot . It helps reduce spots and it is a great  spot treatment .

At £3.49 you cant miss this beauty essential is widely available both in Superdrug and boots .

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