Monday, 28 April 2014

Heel Genius - Soap & Glory

It now coming to that time of the year again when you start wearing sandals and flip-flops and after the winter your feet  is not in the best condition. If this is the case for you this will be your life saver. It amazing.  I will put a thin layer all over and then put more on the dry cracked places like the heel and my big toe and put socks on and ill do this as i go to my bed. ill do this for about a week or two until my feet are nice and soft. Then i will do it once  a week then just to keep on top of things.

In my opinion it a bargain for £5.50  as it does a fantastic job.  You can buy this from boots and also from there online site. 


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    1. yndi dim yn siwr sut nath traed v fyw heb y fo haha trio cael mam i ddefnyddio fo fyd ond mae hi cysau gwysgo sanna i gwelu haha xxxxx