Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Glamglow Youthmud

I have been  loving face masks recently .I have heard so much about Glamglow . I was in London recently and I decided to splurge out and finally buy it . I bought the 15ml jar which is tiny and costs  £25 but I have used it twice and there is half of it left . There is also a 50ml jar and that retails at £50

When you first apply you will notice leafs in the mask that is the green  tea leaf and it realising its goodness into the mask  . It has a very fresh scent  and its pleasant .  The tingling sensation it gives in the first 5 minute or so isn't  too much but you do notice it . I kept  it on for 15 minutes and by this time the mask had dried completely .

 I used warm water and a muslin cloth to remove the mask in circular motions and I felt this very exfoliating.  The first thing I notice after removal was how soft my skin felt . My skin was glowing and soft and  my large pores around my nose was notable smaller . This was truly a miracle mask . I am so pleased with it that I am  going to buy the full size now before this one runs out . Truly  worth the price tag .


  1. Dwin meddwl bod o de :D gweithio yn amazing I v xxxx