Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nail Miracle Cure - Sally Hansen

At Christmas I had a  gel nail varnish done professional . I loved them but when it was time to take them off I decided to do them at home using acetone formula nail varnish remover at first I put them in a pot of nail varnish remover for about 10 minutes each but only the glitter would come off so I had to do the process again and  use a nail file to get rid of the black  that was the base of my Christmas nails.

After a lot of harsh treatment my nails was left in bad condition they were peeling a lot  and  chipping  easily . Not what I want because all my life I been blessed with strong nails I started to panic that I had ruined my nails forever. I then  started a rutine using hardners  this did  improve a little on the condition of my nails but did nothing to the peeleing. And this were this little gem came in.

I loved sally Hansen nailvarnishes for a long time but never used there treatment but this one has made one happy girl . I use it under my nail polish every 2 days for the first week  but then I started to slack a little so I was so surprise to se in a couple of weeks my nails was strong and the peeling stopped completely.  Best  £9.99  that I have ever spend. It was truly a miracle !

you can pick it up at boots  and earn point at the same time or even use up those point you got

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