Tuesday, 12 August 2014

too faced shadow insurance

Eye shadow is always the first to disappear from my makeup . I notice that  there is creasing within few hours and the majority of the look has all gone by lunchtime . I was on the hunt for something to stop this as eye shadow is something I enjoy experimenting  with and I take time to apply . when I was in boots this caught my eye I was keen to try it and was exited to see the different that it could do . I have been trailing this for over a week now and I feel like now I can give you my opinion . I  use a tiny amount and do one  eye at the time to make sure that the eye shadow sticks to the primer  . I would say that I haven't experienced creasing and fading within the first six hours  .After that I could see a slight creasing but wasn't  noticeable as such .  I am so pleased to have found this because it make me happy to know that my eye shadow will last much longer that  it used to .

Get yours :- http://www.asos.com/too-faced-cosmetics/too-faced-shadow-insurance-anti-crease-eye-shadow-primer/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=284874&clr=Shadowinsurance&SearchQuery=Too+Faced

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